Practice Areas Description

We are a full-service law firm providing a wide range of legal service to our clients. Given its corps of lawyers from the Fraternal Order of Utopia, the Firm is equipped to handle all imaginable legal concerns the client may have. The Firm provides consultation, advice, opinions, and other services on all aspects of Philippine law such as, but not limited to: Family law, Sales and Purchase of Real Property, Property Disputes, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Arbitration, Labor Dispute Resolution, Contract Review, Corporate Matters, Notarial Services, Demand Letter Preparation, Legal Briefs & Special Projects.

The Firm also acts as a correspondent firm in the service of summons, notices, orders and other issuances of foreign courts.

The Firm takes pride in delivering the aforementioned services in a timely and cost-efficient manner, always with due regard to the quality of service and the specific needs of the client. Queries from prospective client's are responded to immediately and updates on cases are provided to the clients on a regular basis.

The Firm's clients include multinational corporations, real estate developers, recruitment agencies, commercial banks, companies engaged in information technology, communications firms, pharmaceutical companies, religious orders and foreign-based individuals and corporate entities, either on a retainer arrangement or per case basis.

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